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Do you want to know what happens next in the Project Shabab Live? Do you want to attend an event in one our target countries or just to keep track of the project’ progress? Here is our news section for regular updates!

Our Stories: Saja

Saja Awad invites you to come along to discover her neighborhood Al Chiyah in Beirut, Lebanon. It has a bad reputation, she regrets, so via the ShababLive project “Our Stories” قصصنا, she wants you to discover the other side of her...

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Our stories: Miriam

Miriam Shuaib was fed up that people kept seeing only the negative sides of her hometown Baalbek. Since she has joined Our Stories قصصنا, a ShababLive project from Lebanon, she’s produced three reports that show the city in a different light....

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Ciné-Shabab: Bringing cinematographic visions of Young Tunisians on air

Learning to express yourself through cinema can be challenging when you are young– but being broadcasted on national TV may still sound like a dream come true, and that’s what Ciné-Shabab is all about! During this project, 16 young Tunisians...

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“Parole aux Jeunes” a program for Moroccan Association that exclusively provides opportunities to young people.

To make this distinguished program a success, “L’ Association Marocanie des Jeunes Citoyens” launched a special website for the program (Paroles aux jeunes (; announced a call for applications, to select participants for a high-level conference that was hosted by...

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“Shabab ON AIR” a programme to develop media skills for Tunisia’s youth

Out of 18 different creative projects from the Arab world, “Shabab ON AIR” a Media Project from “Diwan FM”, won. Diwan FM Radio station, also the owner of “Shabab ON AIR”, is a regional Tunisian radio station which started its...

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“storyleb” A Lebanese training program on multi-media storytelling

The training program on multi-media storytelling “Storyleb” is one of the effective programmes within the “Sabab Live” project. It aims to increase the participation of Arab youth in society and encourages other media organisations to provide more space to the...

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“Shabab Cafe”: A talk show to discuss the concerns of Palestinian youth

The Palestinian Watan News Agency, which is one of the partner media organizations in “Shabab Live” project, that launched the monthly talk show “Shabab Cafe”. “Shabab Live” aims to enhance the participation of Arab youth in society and encourages other...

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“Shabab News” a Jordanian programme to train young broadcasters

A Jordanian satellite TV channel, Roya, has launched “Roya for Youth” Academy to train young broadcasters in preparing and presenting a News magazine under the title “Shabab News”. This News magazine will broadcast as a segment of a popular daily...

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