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“Parole aux Jeunes” a program for Moroccan Association that exclusively provides opportunities to young people.

To make this distinguished program a success, “L’ Association Marocanie des Jeunes Citoyens” launched a special website for the program (Paroles aux jeunes (; announced a call for applications, to select participants for a high-level conference that was hosted by Casablanca and co-managed by capable journalists. The Association also organized a workshop in one of northern cities of the Kingdom of Morocco which aimed to direct young people in building and enhancing their capabilities. Short videos of less than a minute duration were also produced as an opportunity for young people to take the floor and to present their opinions on current values ​​and issues.

The association’s program plans to further extend by providing more workshops that will build the capacity of youth in southern, central and western Morocco and continue with short video productions by young people.

“Shabab Live” is a joint project of Deutsche Welle Akademie, Alkhatt, and Al Jana. It is funded by the European Union and supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project develops media literacy skills in youth aged between 15 and 30 years and enhances their presence in the media. It supports eighteen media institutions (TV / Radio) and non-governmental organizations in six Middle Eastern and North African regions: Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.