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Shabab Live : giving youth a voice through the media

Why Shabab Live?

Young women and men count for a huge part of the population in the MENA Region – they make up about one third of it, or around 105 Million people in total. Yet issues important to youth are often left out of public discourse and rarely discussed in broadcasters’ programmes; educational or informational programmes tailored to their needs remain few.

What is Shabab Live?

Shabab Live is a program empowering youth in the Middle East and North Africa: Young people speak up, and media will transmit their voices to a wider public. Shabab Live aims to spark more plural debates, where the voices of youth are truly represented. It supports young people in developing their media skills and getting their message out to the public, ensures visibility on TV and radio, and encourages formats from youth for youth.

Shabab Live targets in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine :

Young people

from 15 to 30 years old who are interested in media and want to speak out on topics that concern them

NGOs and associations

interested in supporting youth to develop their media skills

Media (TV / radio stations)

interested in strengthening their programs for and collaborating with young people


Shabab Live aims to increase the media representation of youth in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine by connecting broadcasters and local NGOs working with youth.

Shabab Live supports:

Young people in developing their media skills, producing media content and co-creating youth formats for TV/Radio

NGOs in helping youth develop their media skills and produce their own content, and in fostering exchange between youth and broadcasters

Broadcasters in developing and disseminating new youth formats and in opening up their programmes for more young voices and youth content

How to get there?

  • Identifying youth needs and expectations


    For the project Shabab Live, Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD) conducted a survey on perceptions and expectations of young people from the MENA region towards their broadcasters. It aims to contribute to a better understanding of how youth relate to broadcasters, how they engage with them, and how they are represented in radio and TV, as well as what kind of topics and formats young people would like to find there.

  • Selecting 18 projects giving youth a voice through media

    Call for projects

    NGOs and broadcasters are asked to apply and propose media projects in line with the overall aim of Shabab Live.

  • Supporting NGOs and Broadcasters to open up spaces for youth voices and media content

    Training and consulting

    DW Akademie, together with its partners Al-Khatt and Al-JANA, will conduct consulting and training activities for the selected projects.

  • Building bridges and exchange platforms between broadcasters and civil society groups

    Platforms and events

    Joint events and workshops will allow all participants – NGO staff, trainers, media managers and young people – to meet, exchange experiences, and strengthen mutual understanding and collaboration in order to increase youth participation in society.

Shabab Live at a glimpse

Shabab Live in numbers


million €

grant opportunities from 100.000 - 125.000 € for NGOs and Broadcasters



will receive funding and training


Target Countries



project duration (from April 2018 to March 2021)

Who is behind Shabab Live ?

Shabab Live is a joint project of DW Akademie, the Tunisian NGO Al Khatt and the Lebanese NGO Al-JANA

Il est financé par l'Union Européenne et soutenu par le Ministère fédéral des Affaires étrangères.

Al Khatt - Tunisia

Al Khatt is a Tunisian media NGO co-founded in 2013 by a team of journalists, developers, and graphic designers. Its mission is to devolve information and reshape journalism. The organization aims to be a professional hub for new journalism and a place for debate and critical reflection on the journalism future. Also, Al Khatt works on providing journalists (professional/citizen) with training and tools in orders to enable them to quickly find what is relevant in a great flood of information, critically evaluate the veracity of the discovered information, and relay it in a compelling manner.

Al Khatt Website

DW Akademie - Germany

DW Akademie is Germany’s leading organization for international media development. We believe that independent media and responsible journalism are essential worldwide. Given Germany’s history, we believe that people should be able to freely express their views and have access to independent sources of information.We consider this to be an important prerequisite for peace and democracy. Together with our partners, we play a leading role in the development of free media systems, creating access to information, and setting standards for education and independent journalism.

DW Akademie Website

Al Jana - Lebanon

The Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts (ARCPA), commonly known as AL-JANA, was established in 1990 as a local NGO registered in Lebanon. ARCPA works with marginalized communities through documenting their enriching experiences and creative contributions, while at the same time enhancing the capacity of youth towards conflict transformation, active learning, and creative expression. Furthermore, the organization specializes in producing educational and cultural resources based on community experiences and creative contributions. Its programs vary to include interventions focusing on community development and social inclusion, resource mobilization, and active memory. ARCPA envisions marginalized communities empowered by their ability to overcome adversity and cultivate richer societies. In all of its interventions, ARCPA uses non-traditional techniques that provide the youth with capturing and appealing self-expression opportunities while building their capacities. It also focuses on building the capacity of NGOs, CSOs, and other activists working with children and youth to ensure that interventions are sustainable

Al Jana Website

Who does what ?

Shabab Live’s consortium is organized as follow :

Shabab Live - Timeline